Recent Before & After Photos

Sump Pumps can Fail

This old home flooded after a recent storm. Their sump pump was not able to keep up with all the rain that was entering the home and caused water damage that br... READ MORE

Mold Happens

This South Richland Co. family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home, thanks to water damage that went undetected. Believe it or not, mold problem... READ MORE

Water Damage on Flooring

This retail space was damaged by water due to a pipe line that burst. As you can see in the before picture the water damage affected the entire flooring as well... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

Residential Mold Remediation This residence in Mansfield Ohio was affected by mold growth. As you can see in the before picture the mold growth was found hidden... READ MORE

Bathroom Sewer Backup

This bathroom had a sewer backup and the homeowners didn’t know how to handle the situation. First you call your insurance because they can give you some ... READ MORE

Water Damage

This bathroom was a major problem for this homeowner in Mansfield Ohio. The homeowner came home after a weekend away to discover that a leak from the supply lin... READ MORE

Kitchen fire in the middle of the night.

This fire was stopped short of major destruction and injury or death because this family was awoken by the smoke detectors. The were able safely evacuate and p... READ MORE

Fire Damage Soot Cleanup

This is the aftermath of a commercial fire. There was minimal structural damage but there were significant amounts of soot and cleanup that needed to be done. S... READ MORE

Basement Bathroom Water Damage

There was a flood in the basement and bathroom of this house in South Richland County. The water was a result of a broken water pipe. Broken water pipes can cau... READ MORE

South Richland County Bathroom water damage

The ceiling of this Mansfield, South Richland county bathroom became flooded and collapsed due to a water leak. You can see what a mess the ceiling was in the ... READ MORE