Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Kitchen fire in the middle of the night.

This fire was stopped short of major destruction and injury or death because this family was awoken by the smoke detectors. The were able safely evacuate and p... READ MORE

Fire Damage Soot Cleanup

This is the aftermath of a commercial fire. There was minimal structural damage but there were significant amounts of soot and cleanup that needed to be done. S... READ MORE

Fire Damage In South Richland County

A fire can leave behind significant damage that only a team of professionals should handle. The team at SERVPRO Of South Richland County are the experts when it... READ MORE

Fire Damage to a South Richland County Kitchen

Fire damage at this South Richland County home began with a grease fire in the kitchen. Grease fires burn very hot and cause a lot of smoke damage accompanied b... READ MORE

Smoke & Fire Damage to a South Richland County Condo

The smoke and sooty residue in this South Richland County bathroom was the result of a hair dryer that shorted and torched a towel and cosmetic products. The oi... READ MORE

Fire Damage to a South Richland County Home

The electrical fire, from an overload of the equipment, damaged the wall, window trim, baseboards, and the wood flooring under the carpet. Our SERVPRO of South ... READ MORE

Drywall Damage After A Fire

After your home is damaged by fire, it is important to make sure that it is safe to go into structure. In most cases the fire department will have to examine th... READ MORE

Fire & Smoke Damage in Mansfield Ohio

The unfortunate thing about a fire is often the smoke damage, not so much the fire damage. The smoke circulated from the laundry room throughout most of the hou... READ MORE

Fire Damage

After the fire trucks leave, your home likely suffers from fire and smoke damage and extensive water damage from firefighting efforts. Regardless of the size of... READ MORE

Even a Small Fire can Coat your Home in Soot

Even a small fire in your house can coat your home, and all your belongings with a layer of soot. When this happens all of your household items can be affected... READ MORE

Fires Don't Just Burn .They Discolor Fabrics

These living room sets were part of the same collection, and were deeply affected by the smoke and soot left behind after a house fire. Luckily, the homeowner c... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Richland County Home

Kitchen has suffered heavy soot damage. This kitchen had to be gutted so reconstruction could begin. SERVPRO of South Richland County, Ohio provides 24-hour eme... READ MORE

House Fire Mansfield, Ohio

We were called to a house fire in South Richland County, Ohio that swept through an entire home that was made of field stone. The outside was unharmed, but the ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in South Richland County

This kitchen fire started in the microwave mostly affecting the wall behind it, the cabinet and the ceiling above. Smoke soot could be seen through out the hous... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

A small fire started inside the control panel of a stove in this kitchen located in Mansfield, Ohio. Even though the fire was contained to the kitchen, smoke tr... READ MORE